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Notebook and Pen
Writing by the Water

Glenn Arthur Sweazey

Ottawa Writer

Retired from teaching high school English, Glenn Arthur Sweazey lives in Ottawa, Canada. His writing often blends poetry and prose to paint narrative canvases.

Examples of My Writing



An Excerpt from the Verse Novel Manuscript, The Lost Papers of Tom Thomson

Notebook and Pen

Innocence Lost: Hopscotch, Spring 2020

OK Boomer, Show Us Your Moves

Writing by the Water

… The grass in the home team’s park always smells / freshly mown, sweet like hay on his farm, not / five miles away, down old Coal Road, next to / Arthurs’ Corner where cows grazed through my youth. …

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“Who are we if not the harvest from seeds in fields whence we came?

It's not just the places, of course, though one's 'home place' often plays a large part in the person we become. But it's the people -- special ones, each of us have had them -- who harrowed the fields of that home place so we could grow tall and straight as we'd ever hope to be.”

From "Letters to Two Michaels (Year 3 / Week 14)" by Glenn Arthur Sweazey


Thanks for reviewing some samples of my poetry. You can get in touch with me to find out more about my work as an Ottawa Writer.

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“When we cross the sea,
It is the distance from our past we cross.”

from the poem, "Exile" by Donald Hall

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